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Steuben Glass[Steuben Glass]
During my time with Luckystone Partners, we produced over fifteen 36 page catalogs for Steuben Glass, as well as numerous promotional pieces, a re-branded corporate identity, and two 200 page annual catalogs. The luxury glass catalogs were distributed in four versions around the world, including one personalized catalog version for Neiman Marcus. The catalogs were used to drive sales for 36 retailers worldwide, as well as Steuben's Madison Avenue flagship store.

I was charged with assembly after Q. Cassetti did the initial design. This entailed creating a measured grid that followed Q's design placement, gathering high-res, placing images, and copy. I worked directly with the client to make any necessary changes. When the catalog was approved by Steuben, I prepared the materials for output by the printer for random and composed proofs. I looked over proofs with Q for necessary changes. Occasionally I was called upon to do digital retouching of images. Take a look at some of the work that we did for Steuben here.

The Corning Museum of Glass[CMoG]
The Corning Museum of Glass, Located in Corning NY, is the foremost glass museum in the world. Visit http://www.cmog.org/ to find out more about the museum. Q. Cassetti has designed hundreds of promotional pieces, working with the museum to create consistent branding amidst a large variety of visual needs. As I did with Steuben, I was charged with assembly of a variety of projects after Q's initial design. Take a look at some of the work that we did for the museum here.

While I was at Iron Design, I assembled similar work. I produced the Iron team's work for New York Carolina Trucking Company, The Greater Ithaca Art Trail, The Corning Museum of Glass (managing contacts, information, and distribution for regional radio campaigns), and others. Please contact me for samples of this work.

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