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Web Design

My web site design career started in 1999 at Throttlebox Media, Inc., where I made the transition from print to web easily. I learned to hand code html and design web sites.

While working for Throttlebox Media, with teams and independently, I designed and implemented corporate web sites for clients in a wide variety of web applications. I worked closely with the database programming team to design sites that imported information from remote third party databases such as Hollywood Video. Our clients included Just for Men, Vagisil, Odoreaters, Scalpicin, MovieclubOnline, and Throttlebox Media’s music download web service.

I received Best in Category (websites 100 pages or more) from Binghamton Ad Club for website design.

While working for Ebase Interactive, I managed, orchestrated, and assigned design/production projects to myself and three other designers in satellite offices located in Hyderabad, India and Geneva, NY.

I participated with teams and independently to design and implement web sites for clients, opt-in emailers for the companies in-house email marketing tool (Bulletpass), web-based extranet applications, non-web based SQL applications, and company presentations.

As design manager and lead designer, I fleshed out design and functionality with programming teams in order to create web based SQL, CGI and ASP driven applications.

We received a design award from First Night® International for the 3rd Best First Night® website in the world, with every major city in the United States and the world as competition.

I started as a web designer at the three-division company The Pierce Family of Companies in Eugene, Oregon in 2005. After one year I was promoted to Director of Technology. I was pretty busy with my management role, and as a result, not designing web sites. During my return to college for the past four years I have done a few charity sites and did freelance design during my breaks.

Back in the freelance field of design, I am eager to continue working in web. I developed custom Wordpress and Blogger sites during this four year break.

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